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COVID-19 SCM is a data monitoring tools for emergency supply chain management for COVID -19 commodities received from different sources and consumed by health facilities of Bangladesh




CONDOM – Current national stock is 67.89 million pieces and this stock can be used up to August 2021. • 2019-20: GoB (Rev.) – 175.75 million pcs: DGFP received total 111.93 million as of 30th November 2020. Rest 63.82 million is scheduled to deliver to DGFP from December 2020 and onward. 2020-21: GoB (Rev.) – 67 million pcs. (Revised plan): IFT published on 05-08-2020, tender opened on 17-08-2020, TEC meeting held on 31-08-2020 and contract signed on 08/10/2020.

PILL – Current national stock of Oral Contraceptive Pill is 86.12 million cycles which will go up to January 2022. 2019-20: GoB (RPA) – 50 million cycles (2nd generation): DGFP received the total quantity as of 30th November 2020. 2020-21: GoB (RPA) – 22.47 million cycles (2nd Generation): Tender rejected and IFT (Retender) published on 18-11-2020 again. 2020-21: GoB (RPA) – 54.5 million cycles (3rd Generation): 1st and 2nd TEC meeting held on 12/10/2020 and 20/10/2020 respectively. Send to CCGP through ministry for approval on 22-11-2020. 2020-21: GoB (RPA) – 4 million cycles (POP - Apon): IFT published on 02-09-20 and Tender opened on 30-09-20. TEC meeting held on 19-10-20. NOA issued on 15-11-2020. 2020-21: GoB (Rev.) – 31m (2nd Generation): Contract signed on 15/10/2020. DGFP received 10 million cycles in November 2020. Rest 21m will be delivered on December and onward. 2020-21: GoB (Rev.) – 6 million (3rd Generation): Contract signed on 14/10/2020. DGFP received 2 million cycles in November 2020. Rest 4m will be delivered on December and onward. 2020-21: GoB (Rev.) – 0.5 million cycles (POP- APON): Contract signed on 04/10/2020. DGFP received the full quantity in November 2020.

IUD – Current national stock is 0.638 million pcs and this stock can be used up to February 2026.

INJECTABLES – Current stock of 19.35 million vials and that can be used up to January 2022. 2020-21: GoB (RPA) – 14 million vials: IFT published on 16-09-2020. TEC held on 28-10-2020, Send to ministry on 05-11-2020 for approval. 2020-21: GoB (Rev.) – 2 million vials: Contract signed on 07/10/2020 and DGFP received full quantity as of 31st October 2020.

IMPLANT – Current stock is 0.263 million sets and this can be used up to September 2021. 2019-20: GoB (RPA) - 300,000 sets (Two rods – Revised plan): Tender opened for two rod is on 04/06/2020. TEC meeting held on 22-09-2020. (Carry forwarded to FY2020-21).Tender rejected and fresh IFT will be published with modified specification. 2020-21: GoB (RPA)–0.275 million sets of single rod implant plan approved by DG. IFT published on 05-10-2020. Tender opened on 19-11-2020. 2020-21: GoB (RPA) – 0.275 million sets of two rod implant plan approved by DG.

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