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COVID-19 SCM is a data monitoring tools for emergency supply chain management for COVID -19 commodities received from different sources and consumed by health facilities of Bangladesh


SPS facilitated under Pre appraisal action plan of HNPSP to Identify the most efficient arrangement for managing procurement functions across the procuring entities which was chaired by Joint Secretary, Development, MOHFW with Representation from Ministry of Health Family Welfare, DGHS, DGFP, CMSD, HED, PWD, NNP and World Bank.

US Ambassador to Bangladesh Mr. James F. Moriarty visited the Regional Warehouse, Khulna, on January 26, 2011, to observe warehouse activities.

The Upazila Inventory Management System (UIMS) is inventory management software currently installed in 124 upazila family planning stores.

In December 2010, DGFP arranged a cross-learning study tour at the SMC warehouse with assistance from SPS’s logistics and warehouse staff.

The seventh quarterly Logistics Coordination Forum (LCF) meeting was held on December 6, 2010, at the DGFP conference room.

 A review workshop on the draft Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) procurement procedures manual was held on October 2 and 3, 2010, at Proshika Human Resource Development Centre, Koitta, Manikganj.

The workshop was organized by DGFP and facilitated by SPS. The review workshop was chaired by Kafil Uddin, Director, Logistics and Supply, DGFP; Khadijat Mojidi, Office Director, Public Health, Nutrition and Education, USAID, attended as a special guest; and Ms. Dilruba, Director General, DGFP, was the chief guest. A total of 27 participants from DGFP, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), USAID, and SPS attended the two-day workshop. SPS conducted an in-depth review of the existing procurement management system of DGFP and got recommendations for improvement. One of the recommendations was to “develop standard operating procedures that describe the entire procurement cycle, identifying responsibilities for each component, time frames, and impact of delays/shortcomings of each component on preceding and succeeding linkages in the chain”. SPS, as part of the implementation of the recommendations of the review, drafted a procurement procedures manual that will serve as the basis for detailed standard operating procedures and training in response to the recommendation.

DGFP undertook an activity to supply buffer stock to 63 newly constructed upazila stores with assistance from SPS in order to minimize storage problems at the regional warehouses.

A significant amount of storage space (22,000 cft.) was freed at the regional warehouses after buffer stock supply was completed.

Empty vials of injectable Depo-Provera have been accumulating at warehouses and upazila stores since February 2007, taking up valuable usable space.

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