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COVID-19 SCM is a data monitoring tools for emergency supply chain management for COVID -19 commodities received from different sources and consumed by health facilities of Bangladesh


SIAPS facilitated to develop/revised 2 policies/guidelines related to FPRH

Development of DGFP

Procurement Procedure Manual

The In-depth Evaluation of Procurement Management Capacity of the Directorate General of Family Planning came out with many detailed recommendations for further improvement in procurement management in DGFP. On the basis of the recommendations of the procurement management system review, SPS (the predecessor of SIAPS program) hold series of workshop, review workshop, discussions, meetings, and idea sharing session to develop detailed

standard operating procedures for an effective and efficient procurement management of DGFP.

The objective of developing of Procurement Procedure Manual (PPM) is to ensure use of available resources with due care for economy, efficiency and transparency in procurement management.

The manual provides instructions and guidance to all staff dealing with procurement of goods and services within DGFP. The manual is carefully prepared in consistent with Public procurement Act 2006 (PPA), Public procurement Rules 2008 (PPR) and The World Bank (WB) guidelines.

The manual has already been shared with MOHFW and DGFP and now widely being used as a reference book. The manual is handy and convenient to use as a quick guide for both professionals and non-professionals involved in procurement job.

Revision of DGFP Supply Manual

The Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) is one of the key directorates of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) responsible for ensuring planning and executing Family Planning and Reproductive Health Program of Bangladesh. DGFP has been utilizing its own supply infrastructures for storage and distribution of commodities through one central warehouse, 20 regional warehouses, and 486 Upazila (sub- district) family planning stores. SIAPS provided technical assistance to revise/update DGFP supply manual (last revised in 2006) which is the only job-aid for DGFP to ensure effective logistics management e.g. warehousing, inventory and distribution management etc. Supply Manual is a reference, supportive and guide book of logistics management for all staffs of Family Planning Program. Demand for the revision of the supply manual was emerged from the users at all levels to incorporate updated procedures, systems and good practices. For instance, DGFP is now allowing split deliveries, stock re-distribution within Upazila to manage stock situation, computerized inventory management system at Upazila, roles of key supply personnel, introduction of supply chain information portal (SCIP), and condemnation of unusable items. Furthermore, the circulars issued by the Government after 2006 should be replaced into the updated version to maintain present effective practices and incorporate changes in the policy and discard obsolete & non-practiced issues.