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COVID-19 SCM is a data monitoring tools for emergency supply chain management for COVID -19 commodities received from different sources and consumed by health facilities of Bangladesh


Training of Trainers (TOT) on UIMS Software

Upazila Inventory Management System (UIMS) is a desktop-based tool has been using in 173 Upazila out of 486 to maintain day-to-day logistics management activities at Upazila (Sub-district) level. End of 2009, SPS program

took over UIMS from JSI/Deliver Project for maintaining and country-wide roll-out the system. Based on the lessons learned and users demand, SPS program upgraded the software with some new features and named it as UIMS V2. Later on SIAPS the follow on program of SPS providing its technical support to DGFP in backing up the database, managing user access, fixing software defects; is also making enhancement and modifications. Based on the successful implementation of the system, MOHFW requests SIAPS to take necessary initiatives to roll-out the system in rest of the 313 Upazilas by December 2012.

SIAPS initially carried out an option analysis to identify a sustainable mechanism for roll-out the system in new Upazilas. Then, the idea of TOT came up and SIAPS team had set criterions to pick up the 20 champions from 173 Upazilas & 21 regional warehouses on Inventory Management System. Then, SIAPS facilitated to form 5 regional team (consist of 1 Technical Advisor from SIAPS and 3 DGFP staffs in each team) which was approved by DG/FP accordingly.
A 5-day TOT was organized by DGFP and facilitated by SIAPS on 1-5 September 2012 at RIGS INN Hotel, Gulshan Dhaka. Mr. Kafil Uddin, director (Logistics & Supply) was present in the inaugural session where Mr. Delwar Hossain, divisional director of Dhaka division closed the training course during closing ceremony.

During the TOT the group of master trainer developed an action plan to roll out the UIMS-V2 software in rest of the Upazilas. This training team would be fully responsible for conducting training for new Upazilas and maintenance of the software.