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COVID-19 SCM is a data monitoring tools for emergency supply chain management for COVID -19 commodities received from different sources and consumed by health facilities of Bangladesh


Finalization Workshop on Supply Manual Revision

Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP) is one of the key directorates of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) responsible for ensuring planning and executing all Family Planning and Reproductive Health Program of Bangladesh.DGFP has been utilizing its own supply infrastructures for storing and distribution of commodities

following DGFP supply manual which was last updated in 2006.

In the mean time, There are several changes made in the DGFP supply operations like newly introduced tools [e.g. Upazila Inventory Management System (UIMS), Web-based reporting through Supply Chain Information Portal (SCIP), Online procurement tracking system] and some other addendum/change into the stock management; for instance stock adjustment among the Upazilas, Modified reporting format, Emphasized on de-junking & condemnation of unusable and obsolete items, Empty vials destruction policy, condemnation procedure at CWH, Split delivery from the suppliers, recent circulars needs to be incorporated. SIAPS has raised the issue in one of the Quarterly Logistics Coordination Forum meeting and DGFP agreed to revise the manual with no delay.

In order to revise the manual, DGFP constituted a 5-member steering committee with Additional Director, the Chief of the Central Warehouse as convener and two representatives from SIAPS Bangladesh, including one desk officer from L&S unit and one representative from Regional Warehouse. The committee held its meeting on different occasions in last couple of months.

In that process, the team met again on 15th and 16th July in the finalization Work Shop on Supply Manual Revision which held at Manikgang ‘Proshiks HRDC’ with all consultative workshop participants along with Supply Manual revision committee.

Director General of Family Planning Mr. A.K.M Amir Hossin, Md. Kafil Uddin, Director (L&S), and Mr. Jahir Uddin Babor, Director MIS joined the workshop and provided their valuable inputs to enrich the manual. They commended that revising this present manual by incorporating recommendations from this workshop and all the physical practices in the field of logistics will improve the manual according to the demand of time. The DG has said that the workshop deliberations and the hard work put in by all participants will expedite the finalization of the revised manual. Finally, he thanked all participants and the facilitators for their hard effort and concluded the workshop.