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COVID-19 SCM is a data monitoring tools for emergency supply chain management for COVID -19 commodities received from different sources and consumed by health facilities of Bangladesh


Consultative Workshop on Supply Manual Revision held

The Directorate General of Family Planning DGFP is one of the key directorates of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) responsible for ensuring planning and executing all Family Planning and Reproductive Health Program of Bangladesh.


DGFP has been utilizing its own supply infrastructures for storing and distribution of commodities through one central warehouse, 19 regional warehouses, and 485 Upazila (sub- district) family planning drug stores.The current supply manual (last revised in 2006) is the only job-aid to do all the processes in this logistics management. Supply Manual is a reference, supportive and guide book of Procurement, Storage & Supply Management for all staffs of Family Planning Program. On the contrary, the demand for the revision of the current version has emerged from the users at all levels as there are several changes in the DGFP supply operations within this time. For instance, DGFP allowing split deliveries, stock re-distribution within a Upazila, computerized inventory management system at Upazilas, roles of key supply personnel, the introduction of supply chain information portal (SCIP), condemnation of unusable items have been introduced within this time.

On the other hand, the new circulars issued by the Government should be replaced into the updated version also needs to maintain present effective practices and incorporate changes in the policy and discard obsolete & non-practiced issues.

To address the need of Supply Manual revision, DGFP constituted a 5-member steering committee with Additional Director, the Chief of the Central Warehouse as convener and two representatives from MSH Bangladesh, including one desk officer from L&S unit and one representative from Regional Warehouse. The committee held its meeting on 18th January to finalize the strategies and chapter wise review by each member. The core committee members worked independently for 2 weeks and 2nd meeting held on 7th February to finalize the participants ensuring different cross sections of the FP service delivery. The participants list, workshop program and other logistics were developed by the DGFP with support from SIAPS program.

As part of the process of revising current supply manual, SIAPS facilitated a 2-day consultative workshop at BRAC CDM Savar during 3 – 5 March 2012.

Director General of Family Planning Mr. M. M. Neazuddin commended that revising this present manual by incorporating recommendations from this workshop and all the physical practices in the field of logistics will enrich the manual according to the demand of time. He also added the workshop deliberations and the hard work put in by all participants will expedite the finalization of the revised manual.

Md. Kafil Uddin, Director (L&S), in his concluding remarks thanked SIAPS for organizing the event, USAID for funding, the participants for attending and contributing in the process of revision the present manual. He said that DGFP recognized that the supply manual needs to be revised considering user’s demand and practical need. He added that DGFP recruited huge number of staffs recently who doesn’t know anything about the DGFP logistics management system. So, this revised manual would be a guide for them to learn about logistics system.

Finally, he thanked all participants and the facilitators for their hard effort and concluded the workshop.