Tuberculosis has been a major public health problem in Bangladesh for many decades. Bangladesh ranks sixth among the high TB burden countries in the world. National Tuberculosis Control Program (NTP) has adopted WHO recommended DOTS strategy and covered almost the whole country.

NTP operates in joint collaboration with its NGO partners in all urban & peri-urban areas, districts and upazilas.  Drugs, reagents and other logistics are supplied from the NTP Shyamoli store (Central Warehouse) as per indents and transported to the periphery through the GO-NGO collaboration.

The NTP Central Warehouse is located at Shyamoli and consists of four store rooms, two rooms are in parking space 2400 sft each. Furthermore, open space in parking lot has been used for storing a significant amount of lab consumables and other logistics (forms, cards, manuals etc.). Currently, NTP and SIAPS with funding from The Global Fund and USAID are in process of improving the warehouse facilities in these two room including 2 smaller adjacent rooms for improved warehousing facilities for TB drugs. The first is an air-conditioned storeroom of about 1,500 square feet from which medicines are issued to customers. The second is a brand-new store of about 2,000 square feet located on the second floor of the newly constructed 250-bed TB hospital adjoining the existing activities.  This space is not satisfactory and it is not consistent with basic store facility or management standards. It is planned to use this as the distribution point.

This new store is already functioning as a bulk store, even though it has not yet been officially opened. Its location on the second floor makes materials handling operations more difficult and costly. Both stores stock TB medicines and other supplies needed by the TB program. Because the Shyamoli store is too small to hold all TB medicines needed by the NTP, they use some space at the CMSD to store supplies when they receive large consignments and are unable to store these in their store at Shyamoli. Medicine stocks are transferred quarterly to the Shyamoli store from the CMSD.

According to the NTP policy, all anti-TB drugs are provided free of charge to all registered patients. The central level of NTP is responsible for planning, limited procurement and distribution of first-line anti-TB drugs to its implementing partners. Single and loose formulations of drugs including lab supplies are procured through government Central Medical Stores Depot (CMSD), while FDCs and pediatric formulations are provided by GDF as in-kind grant or procured through GDF using GFATM funding. These products are received in NTP Central Store located in Shamoli Dhaka and distributed based on quarterly indent from Upazila, CDC, Urban Centers & Hospitals.